Get up to a 100% higher salary,
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Learn from industry leaders.
All our teaching staff are senior/lead developers with ample mentoring experience, ensuring that you only receive the highest quality of tuition.
Dedicated technical mentorship.
You get a personal technical mentor working with you all the way. With 1-on-1 support 7 days a week, you’re set up for success from day one.
Specialised interview preparation.
We provide tailored training for you through all stages of the interview process, including recruiter calls, interviews, tech tests and more.
Interview guides for 50+ companies.
We’ve completed interviews at over 50 Australian tech companies, so you can count on our experience to secure you your dream job.
Anywhere, anytime.
Train at your own pace, in your own place, whilst receiving dedicated mentor assistance 7 days a week. Classroom attendance not required.
No job, no fee.
We charge for jobfinding services as a % of the salary increase you get. No job, no fee – so you can rest assured knowing you’re in safe hands.
Realise your true salary potential.

40% of employees say that they're unhappy with their salary. Are you one of them?

Many people don't realise that their ability to command a higher salary is almost entirely dependent upon their performance in the interview process.

This is where we come in. With our industry leading trainers and experience interviewing at over 50 Australian tech companies, we can help you overcome the largest hurdle in your professional career.

This is why we're able to do what we do. We've helped people accelerate from a $75k/year job to a $150k/year job in less than 6 months; from a $125k/year job to a $200k/year job in less than 4 months, and from a $70k/year job to a $145k/year job in less than 5 months. If we can do it for them, we can do it for you too!

"Better Coding Academy allowed me to supercharge my career in a way I didn't think was possible. They're full of passionate industry professionals dedicated to putting students first in everything they do, and I think that's amazing."

— Taron
Senior front-end engineer for a well-known Australian fintech firm. Taron landed this job after studying with Better Coding Academy, now earning 2x his original salary.
Lucas ChenLead Trainer and Founder, Better Coding Academy

Lucas is a renowned programmer and IT professional with over 12 years of experience in the web development sector. He has held distinguished technical lead and development manager positions at several enterprise organisations; additionally, he has led development teams and consulted at a wide range of startups in the health, compliance and e-learning sectors.

In addition to his career, Lucas has also been training and mentoring developers for the past 8 years, helping them find jobs and succeed in the web development industry. Now as Lead Trainer and Founder of Better Coding Academy, Lucas is proud to share his knowledge and experience with an ever-increasing audience.

Lucas is an active contributor to online programming Q&A community Stack Overflow, with his contributions impacting over 4 million people. Lucas also regularly publishes training videos on the Better Coding Academy YouTube channel, located at

Better Coding Academy YouTube Channel

For an idea of some of the content we cover, here are some free training video series we've uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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React/Node.js/TypeScript/GraphQL Microservices App Hosted On AWSReact/Node.js/TypeScript/GraphQL Microservices App Hosted On AWS
Full JavaScript Technical InterviewFull JavaScript Technical Interview
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React/Node.js/Socket.IO Chat AppReact/Node.js/Socket.IO Chat App
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