Learn real industry skills
from real industry people.

Learn from industry leaders.
All our teaching staff are senior/lead developers with ample mentoring experience, ensuring that you only receive the highest quality of tuition.
Experience on-the-job demands.
Gain invaluable experience through a variety of professional projects. Learn to write industry standard code to solve real-world problems.
Start coding straight away.
We believe that the best way to learn to code is to actually code. Work on practical projects from day one – never attend a single lecture.
Anywhere, anytime.
Train at your own pace, in your own place, whilst receiving dedicated mentor assistance 7 days a week. Classroom attendance not required.
Dedicated technical mentorship.
You get a personal technical mentor working with you all the way. With 1-on-1 support 7 days a week, you’re set up for success from day one.
Become a full-stack developer.
Build fully-fledged websites with the latest cloud technologies, including dynamic frontend apps, powerful backend servers, and more.
1-on-1 support from industry experts.

Ever wanted to sit down with an industry expert, and just ask them every burning question in your mind?

Imagine being able to do that, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that’s exactly what you get at Better Coding Academy.

All our trainers are actively employed at least at a senior developer level, ensuring you always get the highest quality of service possible.

Once you join, you will have 1-on-1 access to our trainers 7 days a week via Slack. If you need any assistance with your projects at all, simply reach out and they will be in touch to help you, either via Slack or via TeamViewer/video chat as needed.

"Better Coding Academy put meticulous care into making sure I understood and could practically apply each and every concept. It has been a pleasure studying at Better Coding Academy, and I could not recommend them enough."

— Ben
From university student to front-end engineer, working with clients such as McDonalds, St. George Bank, Telstra, Johnson and Johnson, IAG, Foxtel, Vodafone and Westfield.
Lucas ChenLead Trainer and Founder, Better Coding Academy

Lucas is a renowned programmer and IT professional with over 12 years of experience in the web development sector. He has held distinguished technical lead and development manager positions at several enterprise organisations; additionally, he has led development teams and consulted at a wide range of startups in the health, compliance and e-learning sectors.

In addition to his career, Lucas has also been training and mentoring developers for the past 8 years, helping them find jobs and succeed in the web development industry. Now as Lead Trainer and Founder of Better Coding Academy, Lucas is proud to share his knowledge and experience with an ever-increasing audience.

Lucas is an active contributor to online programming Q&A community Stack Overflow, with his contributions impacting over 4 million people. Lucas also regularly publishes training videos on the Better Coding Academy YouTube channel, located at https://youtube.com/c/BetterCodingAcademy.

Better Coding Academy YouTube Channel

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